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Aritu aku citer kat kwn aku yg aku tensen kat sorang mamat cam mulut xde insurans..trus aku kene ceramah ngan tul dia nie? aku pang pung ler camne pn, msti dia dgr jer..thanks frenz,en. falique..kat sane ko sibuk nk berbuka, aku lak mgadu ngan ko..maceh2..

ginie laa
kadang2 ape yg kite lakukn..
kite fikir betul..
org kate salah
its up to us to grade ourself
nt others
but its alwayz gud to compare..
coz when we grade ourself..
then we know hw gud or bad r we
biar die longkang ker ape
jgn kite lg busuk dari longkang ..
kite peduli ape
ko rugi ker..
juz terguris..
but tht will later b forgotten
like alwayz
trust me..
consider this like sum one u dnt know laa
coz if u think its ure fren tht told u this
it will b more frustrating
u hve been train to controll ure temper
so...treat this as one of u assigment
if u cn pass this
hey b open
make ure mind broder
coz sumtimes..
we feel tht we r treated like shit
but its only d feeling tht make us feel tht way
if u think tht ure fully grown
take it as a joke from a shit
told u b 4
life is a challenge
d real worl is out ther
when u start ure real work
thts wer u will see more of wat u said

thanks sbb kate2 kat atas nie yer..Insyallah.

beboh: kwn plg sengal n xpnh lupekan aku even jauh dr